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Flag Arts

The flag shows where we are from..... you can't hang the pallet flag art on the pole, but you can on the wall. 


Rustic America Flag




 Burnt Edge Rustic America Flag

         burnt edge Rustic America Flag


Framed Rustic America Flag



Framed Rustic America Flag

with Steam punk style US Border metal

             framed us border


Rustic Texas Lone Star

          texas lone star flag


Thin Blue Line Flag

Blue: Law Enforcement 


                 Red: Firefighter      Green: Federal Agent and Military

   Orange: Dispatch      Light Green: Dispatch   Grey: Corrections



Burnt Edge America Flag with Ibex Power Lineman

with battery lighting system and remote


     From $650    

based on the flag and metal design also framed

price may be vary

contact us for the custom quotes

Combination Flags

for custom flag or/and metal design

contact us:


Framed Rustic USA/UK Flag 


$550   now Framed:$450

Rustic USA/Canada Flag           


$450  Framed: $550


Giant America Flag 70" X 120"




Giant America Flag with Power Lineman US Border

with a remote control lighting system



coming soon..... USA/Colorado state flag for IBEW Training Center at Colorado

for custom flag and metal design quotes

contact us